Neck of the Woods: February 17, 2017 Lineup

Cheryl B. Cleveland, Ph. D. is a Raleigh resident who works in RTP at BASF as a Global Consumer Safety Scientist for Agricultural Products. In her spare time she’s is a flute enthusiast. Since moving to Raleigh 3 1/2 years ago, she’s now an active member of the Raleigh Area Flute Association (RAFA) and specifically a member of the Silver Pipes flute choir. She enjoys playing in her home church of Saint Andrews Presbyterian is a frequent guest musician at Soapstone United Methodist and also enjoys providing music in local civic venues like assisted living homes, the Wake Forest Farmer’s market or the special themed events at RDU airport. She’s also a student in Cathy LeGrande’s studio.

Cheryl is delighted to come play for the Neck of the Woods event in Wake Forest. She plans a flute solo variety program sampling Celtic, folk, jazz and more. Cheryl’s motto is always YAY for music!

Loos Change is an acoustic trio based in Raleigh, N.C., and we have two simple criteria when choosing material to perform: Do we like the song? Will the audience like to hear us play it? That opens the door to a wide range of material from the 1960s to today, from the British invasion to Americana, classic country, R&B, pure pop and more. We like to share our enthusiasm for a song with audience members, who can frequently be seen singing along.

Shaun Jay has been seen on ABC 11 News, WRAL Morning News, NBC 17, and most recently FOX TV’s Masterchef! Thirteen years ago, Shaun’s interest in magic took him to the local library where he would spend countless hours studying the art of magic in the “performing arts” section of books. He then progressed to learning more advanced sleight of hand techniques from other top name magicians (David Blaine being one of them). Early on in his career, he began performing at the Streets At Southpoint Mall in Durham, NC. There he met and performed for all age groups and ethnicities over the course of 6 consecutive years! Now at 25, he is a professional magician that works full-time as a family and corporate entertainer performing his unique brand of magic that has taken him all over North Carolina and up and down the East Coast. He has performed everywhere from North Carolina, Virginia Beach, Key West Florida, and even Las Vegas. You can view some of Shaun’s performance clips here.

Jerai Kelton Photo13 year old, vibrant young actress Jerai Kelton has had a passion for performing for as long as she can remember. Jerai would jump at any chance to entertain a crowd and the larger the audience the better! Jerai is just in the eighth grade, but she has participated in countless school musicals and talent shows as well as many theatre groups hoping to show the world what she could do with her amazing talent.

At Neck of the Woods Jerai will perform a contemporary-themed monologue entitled Luisa’s Monologue written by Tom Jones & Harvey Schmidt from the musical The Fantasticks. Luisa’s Monologue describes a young woman’s harrowing journey to find the voice that she lost years before.

A1 WFHS Honors Matinee Playersn Art-Ful Event! What would our world be like without the arts? Honors Matinee Players Theater Company of Wake Forest High School pondered this question with their teacher, Marie Jones. The result was a short play that proved very popular with rising ninth graders at the Renaissance Center’s Youth Connect Series. Students and teacher are delighted to share this play with you.

Cast: Jack—Alan Fuentes, Lisa—Megan McWilliams, Chelsea—Ashton Clendenin, Mnemosyne—Julie Baker, Muse 2—Houston Jones, Muse 3—Mayira Lasster, Rappers: Roy Galeanas-Salas, Leslie Gibson.

2 WFHS TROUPE copyPROMETHEUS UNTAMED:  Wake Forest High School Advanced Honors Company, TROUPE, was selected to participate in Pieces of Gold 2017. Performance material for this Honors Showcase must contain material relevant to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. Company students and teacher, Marie Jones, created a mini play (3 minutes) to address different types of thinking through the story of Prometheus who stole fire from the gods, and his brother, Epimetheus, who created the conditions that prompted the theft. Which is better, foresight or hindsight?

Cast: Zeus—R.J. Wright, Prometheus—Bradley Salyer, Epimetheus—Ben Allen, Hope—Hallie Barnes. Ensemble: Blaine Adair, Seneca Billingsley, Richard Browne, Nicole Buxbaum, Dane Oldham, Emily Granholm, Jared Jacobs, Mary Brennen Page, Andrew Ross, Brianna Stewart, Ally Ryan, Alexis Tetreault, Natasha Toledo.

Directed by Marie Jones