Music at Midday: May 2017 Lineup

May 11 – Hope & Blake Anderson (Acoustic Americana)

Hope Anderson PhotoAccording to Hope’s folks, she sang before she talked and danced before she walked…the songwriting came a little later. She’s from a musical family–Mom was a former Off Broadway opera singer and actress, Dad was a multi-instrumentalist and prodigy on the violin. But by the time Hope came around, her folks had grown tired of the big city life and turned to homesteading on a small farm in Southern Indiana. She was raised way off the grid, with no running water or electricity, and hence no access to radio or recorded music. Making music by candlelight after the dinner dishes were done was her family’s idea of entertainment. And make music they did! From an early age, Hope can remember making up family songs, dancing, and singing with her mom and siblings while her dad strummed the guitar. Like so many others, she has often felt like an outsider, but music has been her touchstone, a way to feel at home, somehow anchored in this world. In 2012 Hope was honored to receive an Emerging Artist award for songwriting from the Durham Arts Council. Currently she sings on the praise and worship team at her church.

May 18 – Lee & Jacob Holt (Jazz Standards)Leon and Jacob Holt Photo

Lee Holt has been playing keyboards of all types since he was in his teens in Warrenton, NC. After moving to Wake Forest, Lee began performing for many of the early “Six Sundays in Spring” concerts with area musicians, including the incredible baritone Prince Taylor. In the early 1990s Lee and friends performed for the Special Olympics celebration in Wake Forest. Lee has two very talented sons, both woodwind players. Together they have been performing in the area, including the Town of Cary, the Wake Forest Singers, the Cary Arts council, and many personal events such as receptions, dinners, house tours, dance club events, etc. They performed during the Art after Hours events in downtown Wake Forest for several businesses.

May 25 – Teresa Williams & John Custer (70s Rock)

FB_Cover4-1-2017_photo_by_Liana_Terry.pngTeresa Williams and John Custer form a premiere duo that plays in a style that’s all their own. They perform music from Elton John to Dusty Springfield to Adele and A Taste of Honey … from The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin to Lesley Gore and Bonnie Raitt … and feature some of their original work as well. Williams and Custer tap the 70s and rock the songs in a signature way that is leaving audiences marveling and wanting more.

June 1 – Capital Transit (Jazz Ensemble)

Capital Transit PhotoCapital Transit is a musical group with a unique sound. Their songs are reflective of the internationally famous group “Manhattan Transfer”. In addition to singing in 4 part harmony, many of the musicians play several instruments (saxophone, keyboard, flute, guitar, bass, drums) making a full rich sound. Their music spans several decades, with music from the 40’s 50’s 60’s and 70’s. Jazz, Blues, DooWop, Rock and Roll, music of Frank Sinatra, the Beatles, and many, many more. Don’t miss your chance to see Capital Transit!