Get Involved

Building community through the arts is the vision of Wake Forest ARTS. In order to enhance our community, WFA is seeking community leaders and residents to become involved. Volunteers are essential to the success of WFA. We are seeking individuals who share our vision and are dedicated to encouraging more participation in the arts here in Wake Forest.

Board of Directors

The board of Wake Forest ARTS is a working volunteer board committed to the mission of the organization. Board members act as ambassadors in the community, interpreting the mission and representing it to both artists and residents. WFA is seeking individuals with professional skills willing to share their expertise with innovative energy.

Committee Members

In order to accomplish the goals of WFA, non board member volunteers are necessary to staff committees to assist the board in different areas i.e., special events, resource development, marketing and performances.

Six Sundays in Spring

Volunteers are needed to staff our annual Six Sundays in Spring concert series by helping with set up, parking, survey taking.

Corporate Volunteers

More businesses and corporations are recognizing and developing strategies for partnering with non-profits and making this effort a part of their overall business and core values. Your business can actually maximize the return on your sponsorship and make the greatest positive societal impact when recruiting and encouraging volunteers from within your organization for WFA events and activities.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities!