Lisa Bernardi Wolf

You must be confused by now if you’ve seen my work before. Sculpture, pottery & painted tables? Therein lies a tale (I warn you, it’s a boring tale, & if you care to hear it, you’ll have to come see me). This has been an interesting year. Climbing stairs to my studio in the loft has become a temporary challenge. By no means am I done with clay. But in the meantime, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the immediate gratification of painting little tables. I’ve acquired around a dozen from all sorts of interesting places. Most are old, some are newish. All have character. I think little tables are like jewelry for the home–there’s always room for one somewhere in the house, & they just dress up a room. They do make everybody smile. Come smile at my tables & take one home.

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Lisa Bernardi Wolf
213 Cardinal Drive, Youngsville, NC 27596