Linda Pukalo

Artist statement: My interest in stained glass started way back in ’79 because it was something different to do and a way to make nice gifts for friends. In 1991 it evolved into a passion to visually express life on a spiritual level.

A puzzle made of glass  . . .  what do you see . . .  how does it make you feel . . .  why did the artist do. . . does it say something about life . . .

To learn about the true inspiration and vision behind my art work I would direct you to my web site (see below). They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I will let my work speak to you for me.  Should you be drawn to it . . . I would love to talk to you.

My commercial installations include all the glass work for the Meditation Chapel at WakeMed Cary, a 3-D hanging glass “Rainbow Window” at Duke Hospital that is now residing at the Ronald McDonald House, Durham. Stained glass angels that embrace you as you walk through the door at Clear Horizons in Cary. Design and 3-D glass work for the Light Center Chapel and a 40 sq inch mosaic for the center of a 55 foot,  11 concentric circle replica of the Chartres labyrinth (France) in Smithfield.

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