John Beamer

Artist statement: My first woodworking experience began at a young age. Took a few small woodworking classes in early school years which I still have the pieces being napkin holders and book ends.

Now, later in life, I found myself with both the space and time to start expanding both my shop and skills. With each new project I took on, I pushed the envelope of what I knew and picked the next project to offer an opportunity to further expand my skills and tools. Being basically self-taught I found myself worrying about making that wrong cut and turning an expensive piece of wood into scrap. Once I was able to look at each mistake as a lesson and not a mistake I was able to slowly expand my skill set without the worry of failure.

I enjoy all forms of woodworking, however I truly enjoy woodturning. It likens itself to a present in the fact that you never know what’s inside until you open it up. Each piece of wood is truly unique and I always enjoy seeing what is hidden inside. The wood leads you to what’s inside, my part in the dance is to follow as it tell its story.

One of the fulfilling joys I receive from working with wood is watching people enjoy my work. To watch someone pick up a bowl and watch the expression on their face when they feel the finish brings untold joy.

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