Jean McCamy

Artist statement: After discovering clay while pursuing a mid-life art degree at Meredith College,  I have enjoyed exploring the subtleties and humor of nature in hand-built human, animal, and floral forms.  As a serious artisan who doesn’t make serious art, I am currently most interested in creating a menagerie of garden sculptures.

Owls, woodpeckers, water birds, and songbirds regularly emerge from my kiln, along with a goodly number of domestic cats, butterflies, giraffes and the occasional mystery animal.

Ceramic butterflies hover over larger than life flowers and a variety of garden ladies are prepared to take up residence in the garden.  Birdbaths, bird feeders, and leaf faces are other fanciful outdoor ornaments.

Not everything is for the outdoors, however.  I also enjoy making nativity sets and angels for the holidays and a wide range of containers featuring flappers, African animals, leaves and flowers, and cats, as well as a series of flower “frogs”, music boxes and bells.

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