Jane D. Steelman

Artist statement:

I have taken a journey from child artist to college art major to practicing artist for the joy of the experience. It has taken me a lifetime to discover that what is good for the soul, i.e. art, provides the greatest balance in my life.

I worked toward a degree in art at Appalachian State University and am certified as an art teacher (K-12/highly qualified) by the NC Dept. of Public Instruction/ No Child Left Behind. I also holds degrees in education, administration & supervision and instructional technology from ASU, UNC-CH and NCSU. For more information see http://jsteelman.net.

As an educator, I have been intrigued by children and their expressions. As the mother of an avid animal lover, I, too, have come to appreciate all animals. These are some of the subjects I prefer to paint.

As an artist, I have wandered through life’s journey trying to find my media and the expression of my true self. I have expressed myself through clay, silver, glass and paint. There are now several media in which I prefer to work: charcoal, oil paint, stained glass and alcohol inks.

I have found the purity of black and white charcoal paintings to be one true expression of my vision. I create portraits of the people and animals I love. I also find people in all environments who are interesting and unique. Everyone has a story. Their facial expressions and body language tell that story. I hope to tell that story through my art.

I find that oil paints, stained glass and alcohol inks help me express myself in vibrant colors. I suppose I have too much love of art to contain it in one medium.

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