Boni Clifton-Arendt

Artist statement:

Boni grew up in eastern North Carolina, majored in Art Education and graduated with a BFA in Painting and Drawing from East Carolina University. She moved to England for a year where she painted portraits and studied Interdisciplinary Design at Berkshire College of Art and Design. Boni opened The Red Rooster Gallery in 1997 where she began teaching art lessons. Today she is working on a Masters in Education while producing portraits, paintings, and murals in and around Wake Forest, NC.

“I believe an artist should stay true to the feelings which brought them to represent the subject and that’s what I try to do. If I feel strongly about something, whether it is beautiful, sad, or indifferent, I take it through a creative process. My process is a combination of contemporary experimentation with mixed medium and my strongest influences; Italian Renaissance contour drawings and Impressionist paintings. Every piece of art brings a new experience in creating and interpreting form, light, line, and movement. The mixed medium, usually consisting of gesso, salt, paper, graphite, and paint provides texture and enhances the mood and interest of the artwork.”

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