July 13, 2013: Another Neck of the Woods evening in Wake Forest

Come out on Saturday, July 13 at 7pm for a wonderful evening of poetry and music. David Leone poet, photographer and local journalist will share some of his written work. Listen to the artful sound of local singer songwriter duo Pisces Rising. Lastly, hear the work of spoken word poet Sean Ingram. Get your snapping fingers ready!

The performance will be held DOWNSTAIRS at The Wake Forest Coffee Company. Wine and beer are available. A $5 per/person donation is suggested to support these great artists and their work (cash only please!). Seating is limited.

The Neck of the Woods Performance Series is a variety art show featuring the work of local performing artists. For two years this unique event has provided a stage for local musicians, writers, dancers, actors and comedians. Come out and enjoy performance art in your neck of the woods! Visit us on facebook!

 Featured Artists:

Pisces Rising, a Gypsy Folk Duo based out of Raleigh, NC is composed of two established singer/songwriters and poets Arielle Bryant and Austin Moss. Their sound is a remarkable blend of strong, rhythmic acoustic folk noise coupled with harmonies that will haunt your head space for days.

“The DIY spirit and artistic intuition of Pisces Rising sparks joy. The pairing of Raleigh-based singer-songwriters Arielle Bryant and Austin Moss proves to be a demonstration of synergy, as the duo produce something completely apart from past solo work while drawing upon each other’s strengths. Their brand of gypsy folk is fueled largely by strong songwriting, hauntingly beautiful harmonies, and a single acoustic guitar.” – The Dadada Music Blog

Pisces Rising has recently released their first collection of songs on their self titled EP, available for download on Bandcamp.com. You can get it for free or, if it pleases you, you may join the ranks of many other outstanding citizens who have chosen to “name their own price” in a communal effort to help support this budding local sound. Check out their music at http://PiscesRising.Bandcamp.com or http://Reverbnation.com/PiscesRisingNC, or follow them on Twitter: http://Twitter.com/PiscesRisingNC

David Eliot Leone is primarily a writer and photographer at The Wake Weekly, a community newspaper in Wake Forest, NC, where he lives. Meaning he lives in the town, not at the newspaper, though with the frequent overnighters, it may seem the other way around. He loves his profession, wishes it would make him rich, or at least, well off, or well, or something, someday. Until then, he’s trying to work up the courage to do some novel writing, and most recently is attempting to resuscitate the largely unpublished poetic efforts of his past. Some of it is sad, some silly, like the writer himself. Since 1995, David has also lived in a mobile home in Cary, an unfinished home in Fuquay, and, after marrying Beth Landi on Oct. 31, 1998, also in central Raleigh, Louisburg and Wakefield. He is a native of Buffalo, N.Y., which means he’s both an expert on the proper way to serve chicken wings and the improper way to run a football team. Oh, and he’s actually an Associate Editor. Abbreviated, his title appears as Ass. Editor, which is no doubt how his underlings see him.

Sean Ingram is the author of “The Passion of the Pen”, “Tears of an Empty Pen”, and “Poetic Prayers of a Fallen Angel”. He is a graduate of The School of the Arts & Communications in Raleigh NC, where he studied Graphic and Multi-Media Design. His studies provided him with the necessary foundation and skills that has allowed him to become the owner and chief executive officer of The Sean Ingram Publishing Corporation.

Sean is truly a flower in bloom who has learned to use his struggles and layers of deferred dreams, physical incarceration and mental imprisonment as a creative stepping stone. These efforts have encouraged others through different forms of art, whether it is writing, acting, singing or performing spoken word, Sean has touched many lives. Mr. Ingram was recognized for his efforts, when he was nominated Poet of the Year and the recipient of the International Poet of Merit Award by the International Society of Poets.

Sean has been blessed with the ability to passionately orate the importance of overcoming obstacles. He uses this gift as a motivational speaker at schools, churches, group homes, and prisons, to invoke inspiration to those who may feel at times somewhat discouraged and despondent, thus proclaiming Sean Ingram in some ways, a poetic voice of the voiceless.


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